Monday, August 22, 2011

Today’s Video: The not-so-beautiful game

This has been a golden summer for Mexican soccer with the most recent accomplishment being a third place finish in the Under-20 World Cup. (It should be noted that Brazil won the tournament that was held in Colombia). Unfortunately, theses victories were overshadowed by the violence that has hurt parts of Mexico.

On Saturday a league match between Morelia and Santos in the northern city of Torreon had to be suspended after gunfire erupted outside of the stadium. In the video below the players quickly head for the lockers after the gunshots were heard, followed by a seemingly panic-stricken run by hundreds of fans to flee the stadium:

Authorities claimed that nobody was killed by the gunfire that was caused when local police were attacked outside the venue. The incident was bemoaned across Mexico including Santos president Alejandro Irarragori who said, “this is a day that should move us a society.”

Sadly the chaos in Torreon wasn’t the only incident of serious violence outside of a sporting venue over the weekend. At least two shootings took place in the parking lot of San Francisco’s Candlestick Park after a preseason NFL game on Saturday.

(Video hat tip: MetaFilter).

Video Source- YouTube
Online Sources- Los Angeles Times,, NPR, CNN, Houston Chronicle, MetaFilter

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