Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Guatemala to Mexico: Don't end Tamaulipas massacre investigation

One year ago Mexico authorities discovered the bodies of seventy-two Latin American migrants buried in a ranch located in the northern state of Tamaulipas. Most of the deceased were originally from Central America and they were reportedly murdered when they refused to be coerced into joining the Zetas drug gang.

In the twelve months since the bodies were found Mexican law enforcement agents arrested over twenty suspects including the alleged coordinator of the mass kidnapping and assassinations. Nonetheless, Guatemalan officials called on their Mexican counterparts to continue their investigative work including attempts to identify thirteen bodies.

According to EFE (via Mexico's El Universal):
"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has requested that Mexican authorities do not conclude their investigation" over the possibility that more Guatemalans may have been victims of the massacre...

(The Guatemalan Embassy in Mexico) observed that since the San Fernando massacre "there has been a rapid deterioration of the security in the Guatemalan migrant community in Mexico" including numerous kidnappings and two more mass killings in northern Mexico.
Numerous human rights groups and immigrants rights activists were more direct in their criticism of Mexican authorities in the months since the massacre. "We will not allow this massive crime against humanity to join others in which impunity and indifference have prevailed," according to a statement emitted on Tuesday by several non-government organizations in Mexico.

Thirteen Guatemalans have been identified among the seventy-two dead migrants that came from countries including Ecuador, El Salvador, and Brazil.

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Image Source - AP via Los Angeles Times ("Workers (last September) begin examining the bodies of migrants killed in Tamaulipas at a morgue in Mexico City.")

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