Thursday, April 14, 2011

De Musica Ligera: Lero-Lero

Every month several blogs specializing in music feature artists from around the world as part of a project entitled the Music Alliance Pact. ("It's sort of like the WTO without the human rights violations," according to the I Guess I'm Floating blog).

April's version of the MAP (as featured in the Einstein Music Journal) contains a fantastic variety of over thirty international musicians from countries like Singapore, South Africa, and Sweden. Latin America is also well represented by the likes of Peruvian rockeros Kuraka and Mexican DJ Toy Selectah.

Brazilian singer Luisa Maita receives a deserved mention in the MAP for a song described as such:
Lero-Lero is the minimalist samba that opens the debut album from singer LuĂ­sa Maita. It’s a song that calmly grows, almost without you noticing – her soft voice takes you to a special place in your head and suddenly you’re just dancing and singing along with her.
Lero-Lero can be downloaded for free via her website. Nonetheless, here is the video for this delightful song from Luisa Maita:

Video Source - Cumbancha Music via YouTube
Online Sources - I Guess I'm Floating, Einstein Music Journal, Official website of Luisa Maita

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