Friday, April 8, 2011

Daily Headlines: April 8, 2011

* Haiti: The debate over ethics in photojournalism was reignited after a photo similar to the above image of a Haitian child shot dead shortly after last year’s earthquake won at the Swedish Picture of the Year Awards.

* Cuba: Thirty-seven former political prisoners from Cuba arrived this morning in the Spanish capital of Madrid.

* Bolivia: Maria Cecilia Chacon was sworn in as the first woman to become Bolivia’s defense minister.

* Ecuador: In a retaliatory move the State Department ordered that Ecuadorian ambassador to the U.S. Luis Gallegos return to Quito.

Image – Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters via The Guardian (Fifteen-year-old Fabienne Cherisma died from a bullet to the head in January 2010 reportedly after taking paintings from a Port-au-Prince shop.)
Online Sources- PetaPixel, The Guardian, Inside Costa Rica, The Latin Americanist, Voice of America


Alfredo said...

Looks like someone moved the body of Fabienne. She is in a different position in the picture in your blog from the picture on the link that won the award.

Erwin C. said...

The difference in Fabienne's position may be better explained in that the photos were taken by two different photographers. Carlos Garcia Rawlins took the snapshot included in the post while the award-winning photo was by Paul Hansen.

If you click the link to the story, you can see a behind-the-scenes photo of several photographers taking photos of Fabienne. hence, photos of her are coming from roughly the same direction but at distinct angles.

Erwin C. said...

Nonetheless, I'll change the sentence in order to clear up any confusion.

Thanks Alfredo for your comment!