Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The waiting game for immigration reform

Words are nice but actions would be a lot better:
President Barack Obama is following up two days of meetings on U.S. immigration policy with a speech Thursday on the need for a comprehensive solution to what he and others have said is a broken system.

Obama discussed immigration and the speech at a White House meeting Tuesday with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. He held similar talks with advocates and labor leaders a day earlier.
While the White House and Congressional leaders continue to hem and haw at the issue of immigration reform local legislators in states nationwide are attempting to push through their own misguided measures. Last week voters in Fremont, Nebraska backed an anti-immigration initiative that came about partly due to the boom in the town’s Latino population.

Meanwhile, could now be the best time for Attorney General Eric Holder to file a Justice Department lawsuit against Arizona’s controversial immigration law? Or is it too little too late for an Obama administration paying the price for constantly delaying needed immigration reform?

Image- CBS News
Online Sources- AP, NPR, The Guardian, Los Angeles Times

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