Monday, June 28, 2010

Assad Continues Latin American Visit

Syrian President Bashar Assad continued his tour through Latin America, stopping Sunday in Caracas.

In a meeting with Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president said Israel has a genocidal government and identified both Israel and the United States as "common enemies."

It's a state without limits," Assad said of Israel, adding that it was a state "based on crime, slaughter," the AP reported.

Assad is now in Cuba, where he landed yesterday at Havana, before he also visits Brazil and Argentina.

Middle East Online reports that Assad will meet with Raul, and possibly Fidel, Castro to sign some cooperation agreements and continue education programs between the two countries.

Before Assad arrived, Fidel Castro said he expected a nuclear war between the U.S. Israel and Iran.

Sources: AP, Middle East Online

Photo: Middle East Onlinem Assad and his wife Asma

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