Saturday, May 22, 2010

Today’s Video: Revolutionary riches

Much has been said both praising and cricizing the major changes in Venezuela as a result of the "Bolivarian revolution" led by president Hugo Chavez. One of these changes includes the rise of local business magnates known as "boligarchs" who have greatly benefited from the Chavez regime. But are these "boligarchs" elites who have helped drive Venezuela's economy or puppets used by the government? In the video below, Al Jazeera English takes a look at these movers and shakers:

Online Sources - Council of the Americas, Time, YouTube


Anonymous said...

de Clermont - Although interesting the topic, this is a very weak story. There are hundreds of examples of what the reporter called "contradictions" that exist in Vz. She prepared either a fluff piece or this is a very poor reportage. Or, is the poor newspiece due to Chavez' relationship with Amedinejad - Aljeera did not want to prepare a real story about what is going on since he is friendly to a Middle Eastern potentate.

Erwin C. said...

Thank you for your response.

Are you implying that Al jazeera is somehow in cahoots with Iran? Is that an assumption or do you actually have some proof?

The channel's coverage on Venezuela (based on their English-language YouTube vids) appears to adequately present features favorable and critical of the Venezuelan government. Previous reports have focused on land reform and social changes like raising the minimum wage but also on Venezuela's political divisions and media criticism of Chavez.

Alfredo said...

I thought the report was balanced. Showing one guy becoming very rich under Chavez, another fella expressing his mind by calling him a crook.