Tuesday, May 18, 2010

There Goes the Neighborhood (Moroceli, El Paraisio, Honduras edition)

Honduras once again has the unfortunate distinction of playing home to a less-than-desirable visitor.

A few years after it came out that the weirdo who didn't actually kill JonBenet Ramsey had spent time as a teacher in La Esperanza, Honduras, Jacqueline LeBaron has been arrested in Honduras and extradited the the US. On a larger scale, Mexican drug traffickers and Contra rebels can be said to fit the same bill of visitors that Honduras could have done without.

Jacqueline LeBaron was on the run since 1992 when she was implicated the murder of 3 adults and an 8-year-old who had left her father's polygamous church. Her dad, Ervil LeBaron, apparently preached a sort of justified war against those who disobeyed him.

The case is as bizarre as they come. From the Salt Lake Tribune:

While in prison,Ervil LeBaron wrote the 400-page Book of the New Covenants in which he imposed the death penalty for any sect member who broke sect commandments. The FBI alleges that those writings influenced LeBaron family members to carry out the simultaneous slayings in Houston and Irving, Texas, on June 27, 1988.

The FBI also said many of Ervil LeBaron's more than 50 children -- fathered with as many as 13 wives -- are believed to still be following their father's teachings.

Image Source: Salt Lake Tribune
Online Sources: Time, Salt Lake Tribune, AP

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