Monday, May 17, 2010

Mexico: Ex-presidential candidate missing

The disappearance of a prominent politician and former presidential candidate has highlighted the increasing violence and instability in Mexico. As the following video from Al Jazeera English shows, Diego Fernandez de Cevallos has been missing since Friday and little has been known of his possible whereabouts:

De Cevallos’ supposed kidnapping comes as several local elections have come under violent pressure from drug gangs. Last week gunmen killed mayoral candidate in the northern Mexican town of Valle Hermosa while some of the major political parties have encountered difficulties in finding candidates for some high-risk areas. "Stop accusing the boss or your head will roll ... just like Jefe Diego's head rolled,” read a text message that local daily Reforma claimed was sent to one senator.

Sadly recent political violence has not been reserved only in Mexico; Colombian presidential candidate Antanas Mockus has been the target of death threats via a Facebook group while at least five Dominicans died in scuffles between rival political parties.

Online Sources- AFP, Poder360, Reuters, BBC News, YouTube

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