Monday, April 26, 2010

Today's Video: José Tomás Gored in Mexico

Have a case of the Mondays? At least you didn't get gored in the bull by an 1,100 pound bull.

José Tomás, one of Spain's most celebrated bullfighters, known for his fearless style as well as his unexpected retirement at the peak of his career in 2002 (he returned to the ring in 2007, saying "living without bullfighting is not living"), was gored yesterday during a bullfight in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

I wouldn't call this video NSFW, but definitely be careful if you're squeamish about this sort of thing. The goring sent the bull's horns 4 inches into Tomás' groin, puncturing an artery and causing him to lose 17 pints of blood. The injury was so severe that Tomás was operated on without anesthesia, and the fights' announcers at one point asked the crowd for potential donors of Tomás' rare A- type blood.

Long-form profiles of Tomás mind-boggling comfort with the danger of close passes have been published by the New York Times and LA Times, with Tomás being consider by many aficionados as an heir to the revered fighters of Spanish bullfightings glorious era.

What better time than now to chime in with your opinion on bullfighting.

Video Source: YouTube/AP
Online Sources: AP, New York Times, Huffington Post, LA Times, Bellas Relicas

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