Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Aló, Presidente! How you doing?

Not too many pundits expect Hugo Chávez's grip to be significantly weakened when Venezuelans go to the polls in September. But with the economy severely weakened by continued electricity shortages that not even rain bombs can fix, Chávez may be looking to stay on the offensive.

A few compelling examples:
Chávez's domestic problems are serious. In addition to the economy, which is the only major Latin American country expected to shrink this year, the crime rate is being cited as a significant driver of requests from Venezuelans of Spanish decent to obtain Spanish nationality. The main factor in the elections, though, may turn out to be whether the Venezuelan opposition can manage to do anything in unison.

If anyone's listening, I'd propose a Gingrich-style "Contract with Venezuela." Everyone loves a good contract these days.

Image Source: Times Online
Online Sources: Bloomberg Business Week, NY Times, Reuters, Wikipedia, Washington Post, The Times Online, The Independent, VHeadline

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Anonymous said...

Unlike this author, i am one human being that is unwilling to sell my soul for "a 40% raise", and I will bet that I am not alone.
I saw today in the "news" that Iranian "shock troopers" are "operating" in Venezuela. Now THAT'S a story that could scare innocent Americans into supporting the bombing and otherwise massacre of a whole lotta Venezuelan Democracy-supporters. If its not the latest clever CIA tactic to overthrow Democracy in Venezuela, then it could be.
Chavez better keep his CIA-scope on high alert.