Friday, April 30, 2010

May Day is D-Day for immigrant rallies

Immigrants’ rights marches have been planned for Saturday, May Day, in numerous cities around the U.S. Hundreds of thousands of protestors are expected to show up galvanized in support of a comprehensive federal immigration reform that those in power inexplicably continue to push by the wayside.

Recent events such as Arizona’s new immigration law are expected to boost turnout at Saturday’s rallies though there are other vital factors according to New American Media:
Another factor that could boost turnout is word that Latino/Americans won’t be the only ethnic group with a substantial representation in the march. The Asian Journal, which covers the Filipino/American community in Los Angeles and several other cities, recently reported that members of an organization called Bayan USA are planning to participate. Bayan USA is coalition of 14 Filipino/American advocacy groups located throughout the U.S.
The Arizona law has faced an increasingly powerful economic and political backlash across the U.S. The edict has even been criticized by some conservatives such as Texas Gov. Rick Perry who said that it “would not be the right direction for Texas."

Image- Reuters
Online Sources- FOX News, UPI,, New American Media


Vicente Duque said...

The Boycott to Arizona is growing with Great Furor.

Many Latino Businesses are closing and deserting Arizona. You can see the videos.

Great Cities are boycotting Arizona : these are strongly considering measures against Arizona : New York, Washington D. C., Dallas, Austin, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Oakland, St Paul Minn. ... etc ... etc ...

Four million Legal Mexicans visit Arizona as tourists each year ....

Condemnations are raining from the President of the USA, the Cardinal of Los Angeles, the Sheriff of Pima County bordering with Mexico and containing Tucson Arizona, the second largest city after Phoenix, the Mayor of Phoenix Arizona, Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York, Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, all are ashamed and embarrassed of this ugly law.

In my site RACIALITY.COM you can find many videos of these people condemning Arizona :

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Carlos Slim, richest man in World stopped and jailed by a poor ignorant redneck cop in Arizona because of not speaking "Shakespearean" and not being Milk White :

Well, let me say first that I have strong doubts about the Shakespearean Quality of the Arizonan Cops, let me have some strong doubts about the Education in Humanities of these Arizonan Cops.

I doubt the perfect gentlemanly quality inside the Arizonan "constables" and the Arizonan "constabulary" ... They are certainly less amiable and less gentlemanly than the British "Bobbies".

And if perfect English is required in Arizona, then an exam should be required, and I am sure that spelling and orthography are a disgrace in that Cursed State ( the favorite of Satan in Hell ! )

While there may be some good guys in these cops, I strongly doubt that they are British Lords of the "House of Lords", I doubt that they are perfect gentry and gentlemen.

The problem is that in a fascist state everybody is leveled by the worst thugs, the most racists and scoundrels with some power and a nightstick.

"More stupid and brutish than a cop with a new nightstick" ( because he wants to "inaugurate" the club ) - famous anonymous proverb.

So how would Mr Carlos Slim react ???

These rich people ( and there are many Mexican rich people above the average American in Money Fortunes ) will boycott Arizona.

It is a Great and Grave Mistake to believe that the eyes of the World are not fixed in Arizona and their NeoSegregation and NeoApartheid.

It is also a Great and Grave Mistake to think that all Rich People in the World are Vikings like Thor or Odin, and that they wives are Valkyries. I mean people blond blue-eyed and seven feet tall.

Can you imagine the rich people of India, China, Pakistan, etc ... being harassed by a stupid cretin in uniform in Arizona ???

Can you imagine the Great Tourism, Conventions and Love for Arizona around the World ??

"The number of fools is infinite" - The Bible says.

The fact that an imbecility is believed or approved by a majority of idiots do not turn the Stupidity into a lesson of Wisdom and Truth.

Vicente Duque

gih said...

People has have always right on earth since we knew the Bible.