Monday, April 26, 2010

Daily Headlines: April 26, 2010

* Cuba: Dissident group the Ladies in White was once again harassed and “manhandled by government supporters” while trying to march in Havana.

* U.S.: Hundreds of people rallied yesterday in the Arizonan capital of Tucson in protest against a controversial immigration proposal that was signed into law last Friday.

* Latin America: According to the International Monetary Fund Latin America is “recovering nicely” from the global economic crisis though results vary from country to country.

* El Salvador: Are Salvadoran street gangs a U.S. security threat similar to terrorists? One FBI agent thinks so.

Image – Reuters (“Members of the "Ladies in White", a group made up of family members of imprisoned dissidents, hold up flowers and gesture as they tried to march in Havana April 18, 2010.”)
Online Sources- International Monetary Fund, Los Angeles Times, The Latin Americanist, CNN, Washington Post

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