Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Eric Volz to be freed

A U.S. citizen who had been convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend had his verdict overturned by a Nicaraguan court yesterday.

Eric Volz had been sentenced to 30 years in jail in 2006 though his defense claimed that he was two hours away when the crime occurred and ten witnesses testified in his favor. Volz' conviction was based on a single eyewitness account as well as some circumstantial evidence.

Nicaragua’s Attorney General told the local press that he would appeal the court’s ruling which would eventually allow Volz to walk free from prison.

Earlier today, Volz’ mother expressed worry about her son’s safety and criticized the Nicaraguan press for “taking justice into their own hands.” She may have a point based on the rhetoric from this article in one Nicaraguan daily:

Volz’ family wasted economic resources on private armed bodyguards during the trial and then with programs on U.S. TV channels that insulted the Nicaraguan justice system…

It’s worth clarifying the manipulation by the appellate judges with the scene of the crime…According to expert testimony, the amount of blood found on the seen of the crime was caused by the heinous manner in which Volz and Chamorro murdered the young girl. - [ed. personal translation]

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Image- nicatimes.net

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