Friday, December 21, 2007

Daily Headlines: December 21, 2007

* Thieves stole a pair of paintings worth over $100 million from the Museum of Art of Sao Paulo.

* The Mercosur trading bloc signed a key free trade agreement with Israel earlier this week.

* Immigrant children are five times more likely to be diagnosed with lead poisoning that U.S.-born kids in New York City, according to a study to be published next month.

* Follow-up: Danish prosecutors filed an appeal against seven people who were acquitted of terrorism charges; the accused sold shirts bearing the logos of rebel groups including Colombia’s FARC.

Sources- BBC News, Bloomberg, International Herald Tribune, The Latin Americanist, Monsters & Critics

Image- Gulf Times (Pablo Picasso’s “Portrait of Suzanne Bloch” was one of the pieces nicked in a robbery carried out yesterday in Brazil)

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