Friday, January 31, 2014

Daily Headlines: January 31, 2014

* Central America: Presidential elections are set to take place this Sunday in El Salvador and Costa Rica yet recent polls indicated that a runoff is likely in both countries.

* Argentina: In the latest sign of Argentina’s financial woes, the government reported yesterday that the countries foreign reserves fell by $2.1 billion in January alone.

* U.S.: A new poll found that most Latinos believe diabetes as the most serious health risk to their families even though cancer is the primary killer of Latinos. 

* Panama: Authorities in Panama released thirty-two members of a ship bound for North Korea that was intercepted last July with a hidden cargo of Cuban weapons.

Video Source – teleSUR via YouTube

Online Sources- Reuters; Bloomberg; GlobalPost; Al Jazeera; Huffington Post

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Michael Johnson said...

the article from Reuter;s was a joke, even the byline, I posted on the site