Monday, January 27, 2014

Daily Headlines: January 27, 2014

* Mexico: Acclaimed Mexican poet and novelist Jose Emilio Pacheco died on Sunday at the age of 74.

* U.S.: Puerto Rican Robi Draco Rosa, Los Angeles-based group La Santa Cecilia and jazz collaboration Paquito D'Rivera and Trio Corrente were among the Latino winners at yesterday’s Grammys.

* Peru: A court cleared several former senior Peruvian officials including ex-President Alberto Fujimori of planning the forced sterilizations of some 2000 women in the 1990s.

* Honduras: High levels of violence, economic inequality and political divisions are some of the challenges to be faced by Juan Orlando Hernandez who will be inaugurated today as the next president of Honduras.

Video Source – Europa Press via YouTube

Online Sources- Bloomberg; CNN; GlobalPost; Huffington Post

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