Thursday, January 30, 2014

Daily Headlines: January 30, 2014

* Venezuela: Exports of Venezuelan oil to the U.S. are expected to reach its lowest level in twenty-eight years partly due to decreased production and increased demand from China.

* Central America: Nicaraguan legislators backed a constitutional reform that could permit President Daniel Ortega to seek a third straight term, while Panamanian first lady Marta Linares was chosen by the country’s ruling party to run for vice president.

* Argentina: A pair of new studies concluded that climate change is hindering the growth of penguin populations in Antarctica and Argentina.

* Ecuador: Edgar Vaca, the former police chief of Ecuador who was recently arrested in the U.S., will be extradited to his native land and formally charged with crimes against humanity.

Video Source – Press TV via YouTube

Online Sources- Bloomberg; The Guardian; Voice of America; Reuters; GlobalPost

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