Friday, August 30, 2013

Paraguay Protestors Resort to Crucifixion

We’ll be back this Labor Day weekend in order to examine several news stories from around the Americas including different protests in the region.

As seen in the flowing video, an unusual demonstration has taken place in Paraguay where at least nine people have crucified themselves:

Among those who are taking part in the unique protest that entered its twenty-second day on Friday are eight bus drivers upset at having been laid off from their posts.  They were reportedly laid off after asking for overtime pay, medical insurance and state pension contributions.

The head of the Vanguardia bus company that employed the dismissed workers claimed that five of them would be rehired while the other three will receive legal separation payments.  Yet the group said they would not give up their protest until all are reinstated to the Asuncion-based firm.

“I’m joining them today, tomorrow will be an extra mother and the next day another because we have to defend our rights,” declared the wife of one of the protestors who joined her husband and was also nailed to a wooden cross.

“I would like to urge the president to please come here and observe the inhumane situation we are facing,” she added.

Coincidentally, a group of laid off General Motors factory employees in Colombia also resorted this month to crucifixion as a form of protest.

 “It’s unfair to us that General Motors in Colombia is the protagonist of abuses against their workers after the U.S. government saved G.M. from its crisis in 2008,” said Jorge Alberto Parra, one of those taking part in the protest

Two Paraguayan women crucified themselves nearly five years ago in a land rights dispute between squatters and officials in Asuncion.

Video Source– YouTube via user VIDEOLANDMARKS

Online Sources – La Vanguardia; Caracol Radio; Terra Peru; ABC News

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