Thursday, August 29, 2013

Daily Headlines: August 29, 2013

Note: Much like on Wednesday blogging will be very light today. We will be back on Friday with a look at news from around the Americas, especially several protests occurring across the region.

* Panama: A U.N. investigation concluded that a shipment of weapons from Cuba to North Korea and was confiscated in Panama last June was in violation of a U.N arms embargo.

* El Salvador: Inocente Orlando Montano, a former El Salvadoran military commander accused of planning the killing of six Jesuit priests in 1989, could soon be extradited to Spain and stand trial for that massacre.

* Brazil: President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil admitted that her government’s “top priority” is to maintain strong ties to other Latin American countries.

* Colombia: The Colombian constitutional court ratified a law passed this year that provides a legal framework for a potential peace deal with the FARC rebels.

Video Source – YouTube via euronews

Online Sources- Voice of America; Los Angeles Times; Reuters; GlobalPost

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