Monday, August 26, 2013

Daily Headlines: August 26, 2013

* Mexico: Local officials claimed that missing railroad nails and ties led to the deadly derailment yesterday of “La Bestia”, a Mexican freight train that tens of thousands of mostly Central American migrants ride on each year as part of a perilous journey northward.

* Venezuela: According to the Iranian press, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro strongly “condemned” any possible foreign intervention in Syria despite alleged chemical attacks perpretrated by the Syrian military.

* Argentina: A U.S. court rejected an appeal from the Argentine government and ordered them to pay approximately $1.3 billion in debts that have gone unpaid since the country's massive 2001 default.

* Bolivia: At least thirty-one inmates died and roughly thirty-seven are injured after a prison riot took place at a Santa Cruz facility on Friday.

Video Source – YouTube via Reuters 

Online Sources- FARS; New York Times; Fox News Latino; BBC News

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