Thursday, October 25, 2012

Today’s Video: Windy

Hurricane Sandy has thus far left plenty of death and destruction in its path through the Caribbean.  At least eleven people died in Cuba according to state media reports despite over the evacuation of over 15,000 individuals.  Nine deaths were reported in Haiti while the storm knocked out approximately 70% of electricity in Jamaica.

Wild weather has also hit parts of the Southern Cone such as Uruguay where a red alert was raised after hurricane-force winds whipped through the country on Tuesday:

At least one fatality was caused by the ciclón that also led to disruptions in the Port of Montevideo and material damages in other parts of Uruguay.

In neighboring Argentina, meanwhile, heavy seasonal rains in the Pampas region have led to the delayed planning of soy and corn.  These problems in Argentina, the world’s third-largest soybean exporter, could impact global food prices.  According to Reuters food prices worldwide have “surged this year due to the worst U.S. drought in decades combined with dry crop weather in Russia and Australia.”

Video Source – YouTube via teleSUR

Online Sources – CBC News, Washington Post, Reuters, El Universal

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