Monday, October 22, 2012

Daily Headlines: October 22, 2012

* Cuba: A former Venezuelan vice president and a Havana hotel manager tried to refute rumors alleging that 86-year-old ex-Cuban leader Fidel Castro is on his deathbed.
* Central America: A nine-year-old boy in Panama died during violent protests over the selling of state-owned land in a duty-free zone, while Honduras’ Supreme Court blocked plans for the creation of privately-run cities.
* Colombia: At least five soldiers were killed in an attack by the FARC that took place days after the Colombian government and the rebels formally began peace talks in Norway.

* Peru: A 33-day strike by thousands of Peruvian doctors came to an end after the government pledged to increase pay.

Video Source – YouTube via AFP Videos – EspaƱol (Former Venezuelan vice president Elias Jaua showed a photo of him taken over the weekend reportedly with Fidel Castro and several members of his family).

Online Sources- CNN, TVNZ, BBC News, Huffington Post, Edmonton Journal

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