Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Daily Headlines: October 23, 2012

* Latin America: Aside from a brief mention on trade, the third and final U.S. presidential debate on Monday ignored issues pertaining to Latin America such as immigration, so-called "war on drugs" and the embargo on Cuba.

* Argentina: President Cristina Fernandez condemned the seizure of an Argentine naval vessel at the request of private creditors as a form of “blackmail by vulture funds.”

* Cuba: Lawyers for a Guantanamo prison detainee argued that their client shouldn’t have to face war crimes charges since they were approved by a Pentagon-appointed legal official.

* Colombia: Officials with the UN Human Rights Council blasted a proposed constitutional reform that would “undermine justice” by “expanding the jurisdiction of military or police tribunals.”

Video Source – YouTube via PBS

Online Sources- VOXXI, BBC News, Houston Chronicle, Colombia Reports

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