Friday, November 18, 2011

World Watch: Renewed protesting in Tahrir Square (Updated)

* Egypt: Tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square to call for a quicker transfer of power to civilian rule. (Update: Over the weekend at least four people died amid clashes between protesters and police attempting to clear Tahrir Square).

* U.S.: Will the need to move some operations indoors due to the winter have a major impact on Occupy movements across the country?

* Iran: The U.N.'s “nuclear watchdog” approved a resolution that blasted Iran’ s nuclear plans but refrained from referring the country to the U.N. Security Council.

* Italy: Recently named Prime Minister Mario Monti easily won a vote of confidence from parliament, which will likely boost his plans to combat Italy’s debt crisis.

Video Source – YouTube user euronews

Online Sources- BBC News, Reuters, Christian Science Monitor, Bloomberg

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