Thursday, November 17, 2011

Today’s Video: Another migration wave to Argentina?

In the early 20th century millions of Europeans seeking better economic opportunities migrated to Argentina. This wave of migration died down and in the last few decades Argentina has become the target of visitors from Latin American countries. But could the financial crisis currently hitting Europe lead to a resurgence of immigration to Argentina from that continent?

The following Spanish-language video via Russia Today examined the recent boost in Spanish migrants traveling to Argentina. Over 24,000 Spaniards migrated to Argentina in 2010, with most of them young adults seeking jobs that they have had trouble obtaining in their homeland.

Will these new migrants from Spain have as profound an effect on Argentine culture as some of their ancestors roughly a century ago? See for yourself:

(Hat tip: El Espectador).

Video Source - YouTube user ActualidadRT

Online Sources - Global Voices Online, Migration Information Source, El Espectador

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