Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Daily Headlines: November 15, 2011

* Brazil: Police officials said that they would target other Rio de Janeiro favelas in actions similar to raids on Sunday in the Rocinha and Vidigal slums.

* Latin America: U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime chief Cesar Guedes claimed that Brazil, Argentina and Chile had become the "most important emerging drug consumer markets in the world" over the past few years.

* Mexico: The Mexican army reportedly found 140 Central American migrants stuffed in a tractor-trailer rig that was undergoing an inspection.

* Cuba: The Cuban government claimed that authorities arrested several individuals accused of setting up illegal Internet connections with alleged “financing” from the U.S.

Video Source – YouTube via Al Jazeera English (“Elite police units backed by armored military vehicles and helicopters descended upon Rio de Janeiro's largest slum, the Rocinha favela this weekend.”)

Online Sources- The Australian, AFP, MSNBC, Fox News Latino

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