Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Daily Headlines: September 14, 2011

* U.S.: According to a Census Bureau report the poverty rate for Latinos rose to 26.6% while roughly one-third of Latino children are below the poverty line.

* Venezuela: Electoral officials announced that the presidential vote will be held on October 7 next year, roughly eight months after the opposition is expected to pick their candidate to run against President Hugo Chavez.

* Cuba: Sixty-two worshippers on a “spiritual retreat” have sequestered themselves for over three weeks in a Havana church.

* Argentina: Former President and current Senator Carlos Menem was acquitted on charges of arms smuggling to Croatia and Ecuador.

Image – (“Job seekers line up at a career fair in New York. Hispanics saw one of the sharpest rises in the poverty rate of any group in the United States. More Hispanics under 18 are poor than any other group.”)

Online Sources- Reuters, Al Jazeera English, Time, Voice of America, CNN

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