Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Daily Headlines: September 13, 2011

* Chile: European researchers at an observatory in Chile discovered fifty “exoplanets” located outside of our solar system.

* U.S.: The possible discrimination against Latino educators in Arizona may've factored in the decision to halt monitoring classrooms to see if teachers speak with accents.

* Brazil: The country’s currency, the real, fell to its weakest level in ten months due to worries over a possible Greek default.

* Mexico: Monterrey mayor, Fernando Larrazabal has refused to resign despite allegations of corruption related to the last month’s deadly arson at the Casino Royale.

Image – ESO via MSNBC (“An artist's depiction of a super-Earth." Scientists using the Harps instrument in Chile’s La Silla Observatory discovered sixteen “super-Earths”).

Online Sources- UPI, The Guardian, Bloomberg, LAHT

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