Thursday, August 4, 2011

Today’s Video: Flowers in the sand

Before getting to tonight's video there are a few blog matters that need to be discussed:

1 - We're going on a brief hiatus on Friday; hence, there will be no new posts on that day.

2 - We hope to write several posts over the weekend in order to make up for the embarrassing lack of posts over the past week.

3 - Hopefully starting on Monday we'll try to resume our old schedule of publishing 4-6 posts every weekday including different features on areas like music and film.

With that said, the following video via NTN24 English shows a poignant and powerful anti-violence protest that took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this week:

Video Source - ntn24english via YouTube

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Senor Pescador said...

thanks, gracias todavia soy difrutando sus 'blogs'
Viva El Frente!
Viva M. La Raza

[soy gringo, pero con orgullo poco sangre Cherokee]