Friday, July 22, 2011

Today’s Video: Protesting in Chile

For the past several weeks numerous public protests representing a variety of causes have taken place in Chile. This week alone, for instance, at least twenty students have gone on a hunger strike in order to seek reforms and improvements in the education system.

Among those who also protested in recent days are survivors of a deadly February 2010 earthquake and tidal wave. As we mentioned earlier this year, some residents in the affected Maule and Bio-Bio areas were disappointed at the perceived lack of government assistance and the slow pace of reconstruction.

The dissatisfaction came to a head in the town of Dichato that was nearly wiped out due to last year's tremor. As seen in the following video from a local TV network violence erupted between police and demonstrators several nights ago:

Negotiations between local officials and residents of Dichato are expected to continue this afternoon. In the meantime, clashes between authorities and protesters keep taking place in parts of Dichato.

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Video Source - canal9digital via YouTube

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