Monday, March 7, 2011

Daily Headlines: March 7, 2011

* South America: Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli said that he would backtrack on a controversial mining law while opposition was raised over a planned open-pit gold mine in neighboring Colombia.

* Brazil: As Brazil increases its prominence on the world political and economic stage so has their favorability around the world according to a poll by the BBC World Service.

* U.S.: Did the former head of the Cuban American National Foundation provide funds to suspected bomber and ex-CIA agent Luis Posada Carriles?

* Mexico: Over 700 homosexual couples have tied the knot in Mexico City during the first year that the metropolis legalized same-sex marriages.

Image – AFP via BBC News (“Indigenous Panamanians blocked a major road with their protest” last month against a controversial mining law.)
Online Sources- BBC News, The Advocate, Sify, Reuters, GlobalPost

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