Monday, February 28, 2011

Argentina: Femicides by fire continue

Several weeks ago we mentioned a report from Argentina claiming that 260 women were killed last year with eleven deaths resulting from incineration. According to an Argentine women’s rights group most of the deaths by fire are at the hands of the victim’s current or former partner.

The femicides by fire became an unsettling trend that carried into this year with four women dying in that manner during a recent two-week period. Unfortunately another women can be added to the list.

Last Tuesday a thirty-year-old female died after suffering burns on over 70% of her body. Tragically, her incineration reportedly occurred in presence of her twelve-year-old stepchild.

Police arrested the victim’s husband and charged him with homicide. They suspect he assaulted her by covering her with rubbing alcohol and then setting her on fire with a cigarette lighter. According to officials his claims that she burned herself accidently were not the case and it seemed like his jealousy led to an argument between the couple.

Despite the bleak picture on femicides by fire there has been an increase in complaints over domestic violence in Argentina. According to government figures there was a 25% increase in denunciations between last month and January 2010, and a 75% increase during the previous year.

Image- El Periodico de Mexico
Online Sources- AFP, The Latin Americanist,, La Nacion

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