Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fox News Launches Latino Website

Fox News began a quiet overture to Latinos this week.

The news company just opened FoxNewsLatino yesterday, reports Mediate.

Today, the site focused on the good news of the Chile mine rescue, leading with a story of a woman who wouldn't meet her husband because his mistress was also invited.

On the top, a "Caliente" bar -- sometimes unavailable -- highlighted stories about Geraldo Rivera and Christina Aguilera.

A top lifestyle section story featured a 101-year-old woman gaining citizenship, a leading story earlier this week on CNN. News stories included state reluctance to enter Immigration and Custom Enforcement-led policing programs.

Although the Huffington Post and others reported the plans in the spring, the roll out has been quiet, with only a few news agencies taking note.

Michael Clemente, Fox News' senior vice president of news editorial, told Reuters earlier this year that Fox wanted to reach the ever-increasing amount of Latinos in the United States.

"About a third of the country is going to be of Latino heritage by 2050 and we thought it was time to launch a site with more of a focus," he said.

More specifically and recently, managing editor Alberto Vourvoulias-Bush told the Miami Herald that the site's aimed at second- and third-generation Latinos.

"We’re aiming at Latinos whose first language is English, who inform themselves in English, who are deeply American, but share some of the cultural sensibilities of their parents or grandparents," he said.

Sources: Fox News, Huffington Post, Miami Herald, Reuters

Photo: Fox News Latino

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