Tuesday, September 14, 2010

TV Azteca Reporter Harassed by NY Jets Players

The above image, lest I be accused of posting inappropriately, is what TV Azteca sports reporter Inés Sainz posted on her Twitter stream as evidence of what she was wearing recently while covering the New York Jets football team.

The picture, and her outfit, are topics of conversation, because the former Miss Universe contestant claims she was subjected to harassment by Jets players and coaches.

As reported by the New York Daily News, "players and coaches seemed to intentionally overthrow passes in her direction, whistled at her, openly ogled her and blocked her path as she attempted to walk away."

Sainz's claims - which seem to be completely accurate - led to an investigation by the NFL and an immediate apology from Jets owner. But Sainz seems more than ready to put the whole incident behind her, telling Spanish-language program DeporTV, "I want to make clear that in no moment did I even feel offended, much less at risk or in danger while there."

Image Source: Twitter/Twitpic
Online Sources: New York Daily News


Tambopaxi said...

Latin women, gotta love 'em, and that's one of the reasons why I live down here in LA.

Latin women are not insecure about their sexuality (as witness Sainz's quote at the end of your post) and they generally take much better care of themselves than their NA sisters in the U.S. As well they're used to macho posturing (which is not to say they like it; that's why they like gringos a lot) and they can manage it.

IMO, Azteca should hire more women like Sainz; they'd probably wax the Fox and ESPN competition...

Devin Keener said...

i live in my computer