Monday, September 13, 2010

Today’s Video: Viva Argentina!

This month two Latin American countries, Chile and Mexico, will celebrate two hundred years of independence from Spanish colonial rule. 2010 is a banner year for Latin America as bicentennial independence festivities have been observed already in two other countries, Argentina and Colombia. In this week's "Today's Video" series we will commemorate the bicentennials of the aforementioned states by briefly taking a look at their respective histories.

Decades of immigration to Argentina, especially from Europe, have contributed to the country's unique national identity. One of the groups are the Jews whose migration to Argentina occurred primarily in two waves before the country's independence and during the late 19th-century. Argentina's Jewish population has thrived and is reportedly the third-largest in the Americas.

The following video clip looks at the Argentine town of Villa Dominguez, which became the site of "Jewish colonization" from eastern Europe in the 1890s and extending into the early 1900s:

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