Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Details Emerge on Killed Migrants

Last week we told you about the migrants massacred in Mexico.

But as more details are emerging about the murder, many are wondering, what really happened that night?

Today, the AP reported that another victim, initially kept secret, had survived.

An 18-year-old Ecuadorean had previously been known to escape and tell Mexican marines what happened. He is now in a witness protection program in his home country.

The outing of the Hondruan, the second survivor, angered the government, who called Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa irresponsible to divulge the information.

As of Wednesday, they had identified 16 Hondurans, 13 Salvadorans, five Guatemalans and one Brazilian among the bodies found Aug. 24.

The AP also reports that authorities think that the massacred migrants couldn't pay ransoms and refused to work for the gang.

The survivor told authorities that the killers intercepted the migrants on a highway with five cars, jumping out of the vehicles and saying they were Zetas.

They tied them all up and took them to the ranch, where they were killed for refusing the gang's demands, according to the AP.

The New York Times tells the story of one family waiting to receive the body of what might be their son, a victim.

The Zetas are a drug gang that's been known to extort migrants.

Sources: AP, NYT


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