Friday, August 20, 2010

Today's Video: Ramadan in Cuba

Here in the U.S. most of the recent news regarding Islam has centered on the plans to construct a mosque/community center near Ground Zero in New York and how about 1 of 5 people in a poll erroneously believe that President Barack Obama is Muslim. Little has been said over the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, which started over a week ago and is probably best known for fasting during the daylight hours.

The video below from CNN examined how Cuban followers of Islam observe their religion on the island. As you can see, worshipers sometimes run into problems with societal norms such as the use of pork.

Online Sources - ABC News, Voice of America, CNN

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Anonymous said...

from de Clermont - The confusion about Obama's religious beliefs is really quite logical. I am disappointed in the media for not pointing out the logical reasons instead of just stating the statistic is if all those people were crazy (and they may be, but we do not know that.) I am surprised that the numbers of people that doubt his Christianity is not higher. This doubt is not so surprising for many reasons. One is that in Islam once one has been muslim they are considered a muslim for life. Some people may hold that belief or simply believe that since his formative years were as a Muslim that is what defines his faith. Two, another is that some people believe that Obama never left the Islamic faith but "chose" to be Christian as it is politically expedient to do so. And, three, certainly there must be others who believe he is Muslim because he was raised that way and that he never really left that faith - it is so different from Christianity, just compare the prophets. Christ predicated peace and died to help manking and Mohammed predicated subjugation and war and killed for his empire. I am of those that believe the second theory, Obama was in a so-called Christian church (you cannot call it really a Christian church since the main preacher is a racist and whose comportment is anything but Christian) only to help his career. Although I believe that Obama is probably an agnostic or atheist and most certainly a racist and a manipulator.