Thursday, August 19, 2010

Latin American Cities vs. The World

Foreign Policy Magazine loves rankings, and so do I. They also love big, gorgeous photographs, and have some great ones in their new list of the world's top cities. So without further ado, check out the Latin American cities from "Metropolis Now" ranking.
Running through the list it's easy to note the rise of Asian cities to global prominence. Being pragmatic, the only city in the region I think that has a legitimate gripe about being left off the list is Santiago - the home of the vibrant Chilean economy and a growing hub for entrepreneurship.

Please chime in if you feel anybody else got snubbed.

Image Source: Foreign Policy ("
Known to some visitors as the "Paris of the South," Buenos Aires shares a longstanding cultural affinity with Europe. More socially progressive than its neighbors, Argentina in July became the first country in Latin America to legalize same-sex marriage. Here, a tourist looks at Caminito Street from a window on Aug. 18)

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Senor Pescado said...

you forgot us, San Salvador, very very good for investment, I should not be saying this, but after 15 years, ok, why not, less polluted also than Santiago, Guate city, San Jose, and of course Mexico city, who would want to live there, and Bogota, muy frio however with global warming my friends there now say the clothing styles are changing, less sweaters and jackets are seen, makes you wonder huh?
El Sal is best, ask me
but Cali, Colombia, is like none other ,for a city I prefer rural beaches myself

Anonymous said...

I thought the ranking was U.S. centric shit.