Thursday, August 12, 2010

Argentina Minister Pledges Peace

After a meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Argentina's foreign minister says the country wants to become a "bridge builder."

H├ęctor Timerman pointed out that former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner helped resolve a dispute between Colombia and Venezuela.

"We believe in dialogue, in giving dialogue priority in working jointly, in being -- accepting toward different philosophies of government and not letting that become an impediment to a solution," Timerman said.

At the news conference, Clinton, who called Timerman a "very familiar and welcome presence here in Washington," complimented Argentina's efforts toward a more peaceful region.

However, the two disagreed on Honduras. The United States wants to recognize the country's new government after last year's coup, but Argentina and other countries are not yet convinced.

Read the entire transcript here.

Sources: State Department, CNN


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