Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A new holiday in Argentina?

Some stories speak for themselves:
Political activist Luis D’Elia proposed Wednesday that Argentines begin marking Aug. 2, the birthday of former military dictator Jorge Rafael Videla, as “Son of a B---- Day.”

“In Argentina, above all in the decade of the 1990s, there was a pile of SOBs: (presidents Carlos) Menem, (Eduardo) Duhalde and (Fernando) de la Rua, the former (economy) minister Domingo Cavallo,” D’Elia said on television. “One could name 150, 200 SOBs.”

“But we choose Aug. 2 because it’s the day another SOB who preceded them, Jorge Rafael Videla, was born,” the outspoken activist said.
In the Not Safe For Work video below, D’Elia also gave his ongoing support of ex-president Nestor Kirchner who he called “our bastard”:

D’Elia is no stranger to controversy; in 2009 he was in a war of words with well-known TV variety show host Mauricio Tinelli whose programs he called “brothel shows.”

Videla, meanwhile, took to the stands this week at a trial accusing him of human rights abuses during his “Dirty War” presidency.

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