Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World Cup Latin America's to Lose

As we wrote about, so far again in this FIFA World Cup, the South American teams have provided some spectacular games.

Reuters has a story lauding the South American teams, pointing out that they're unbeaten so far in the tournament. They've won eight out of 10, tying two.

"South America is once again able to show the strength of its football and I'm extremely happy to see these teams are performing in such an outstanding way," Carlos Alberto Parreira, former Brazil coach and now South African coach told Reuters.

The Wall Street Journal chimed in, highlighting Uruguay after it beat Mexico, which reached the second round for the fifth consecutive World Cup.

So, with all the hype for the Southern countries, will this be Latin America's tournament to lose? Or will the European teams bounce back with a vengeance?

Source: Reuters, WSJ

Photo: Reuters

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