Friday, June 25, 2010

Colombia: Uribe for mayor?!

[Cue “When You Wish Upon A Star.”]

Voiceover: Alvaro Uribe, you are weeks away from finishing eight years in the Colombian presidency. You’re closest ally was just elected to be your successor and he’s expected to continue your policies. You have somehow survived numerous scandals that would’ve destroyed lesser leaders. What are you going to do next?

Uribe: I’m going to become mayor of Bogota!

[Cue record needle scratch sound.]

Months after the Constitutional Court blocked his bid for a third straight term it appears like Uribe has his sights on the Colombian capital:
In an interview with RCN radio, the Medellin native spoke of his "affection and gratitude" for the capital city, which was his home during his two terms in office between 2002-2010.

Asked whether he would consider running for mayoral office in 2011, Uribe did not dismiss the idea and instead confirmed an interest in "helping things run well" in the city. He added, "I would like a good mayor of Bogota, I like to see the city prosper and be managed well."
Uribe’s remarks may seem like a joke but his wife previously manifested that he would be interested in “administering something smaller” than the presidency. Also, he has had previous experience on the local level having served as governor of Antioquia before becoming president.

Could Uribe pull off a reverse-Andres Pastrana or is he barking up the wrong tree? We’ll see.

Image- BBC Mundo
Online Sources- YouTube, The Latin Americanist, Colombia Reports,, Wikipedia

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