Thursday, June 3, 2010

Daily Headlines: June 3, 2010

* Haiti: How sad is that two months after international countries pledged $5.3 billion to help in Haitian reconstruction only Brazil has “actually cut a check?”

* Latin America: According to British think tank Chatham House Latin America could take advantage and forge closer ties to Africa at the expense of “the continent's traditional partners.”

* Bolivia: Government data claimed that since Evo Morales became president four years ago coca eradication has fallen by 40% yet cocaine seizures have doubled.

* U.S.: In a letter to the White House sixteen Republican legislators urged the Obama administration to push for free trade deals with Colombia and Panama.

Image –Canadian Press (“People walk inside a camp for earthquake displaced people after a rain in Port-au-Prince, Friday, May 28, 2010.”)
Online Sources – Miami Herald,, LAHT, Reuters

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