Friday, June 4, 2010

And the World Cup Winner Is

Six days now until the World Cup kicks off in South Africa and the projected winner, according to the EA Sports 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Video Game, is: Spain.

Argentina 2-1 over Mexico in 2nd round
Brazil 3-1 over Chile in 2nd round

The semifinals see my project winner, England, go down to Brazil in PKs, which means Wayne Rooney ends up in the "caravan park" instead of being knighted by the queen. But the final sees Brazil crumble as Spain realizes its first World Cup glory.

And the oddsmakers seem to agree with the video game simulators: Spain and Brazil are the bookies' favorites to take home the cup.

What do you think? Will the Cup final play out like the oddsmakers expect? Or will some unexpected teams (think South Korea in 2002) emerge from the high altitude?

Video Source: YouTube, FIFA World Cup: Team Analysis Series Part 1 (via NY Times)
Online Sources: NY Times, EA Sports, Ladbrokes, YouTube/Nike

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