Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today’s Video: Obama en español

U.S. President Barack Obama taped a brief message that aired on Univision Thursday night. He dabbled in a little Spanish and overall didn’t sound too much like a fish out of water. Oddly enough, however, his remarks didn’t air on a news program but instead on the chintzy, made-for-TV "Premio lo Nuestro":

Said the AP:
He wished the viewers good evening in Spanish and he celebrated the diversity of Latin music. The president closed by offering another line in Spanish. Translated into English, the president said, "And for all those nominees wondering if tonight is their night, let me just say, yes, you can!"
Obama could've picked a better scenario to appear on Univision:
  • Pretending to be the annoying “Chacal de la trompeta” alongside the more annoying Don Francisco on “Sabado Gigante.”
  • Analyzing the Mexican soccer league while flanked by the booby-tastic “senadoras” on “Republica Deportiva.”
  • Making a guest appearance on hit telenovela “Las Tontas No Van al Cielo” as Candy’s secret gringo lover.
  • It’s too late for this but I would’ve loved to have seen Obama smack the smug, nauseating look off Enrique Gratas’ face on “Ultima Hora”.
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