Monday, March 23, 2009

Daily Headlines: March 23, 2009

* Venezuela: Venezuela bowed out of the World Baseball Classic after getting outplayed and overmatched by Korea in the semifinals.

* Cuba: Speaking of the World Baseball Classic, two Cuban ballplayers defected according to Fidel Castro.

* Brazil: The country was invited to join the OPEC oil cartel but is likely to reject it according to Brazil’s Veja magazine.

* El Salvador: President-elect Mauricio Funes promised that El Salvador will pay back $9 billion in foreign debt to various multilateral organizations.

Image- AFP (“KimTae-Kyun (C) of South Korea is congratulated by Park Kyung-Oan after sliding safe at home.” Venezuela lost 10-2 against the Koreans.)
Online Sources- The Peninsula On-line, AHN, LAHT, The Latin Americanist, Bloomberg

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