Friday, June 6, 2008

Oil spill threatens Argentina, Uruguay

An oil spill near the Rio de la Plata estuary has threatened several parts of Argentina and Uruguay including Buenos Aires. The spill occurred when Greek and Maltese ships collided near Argentina and Uruguay and the oil slick has grown to approximately 12 miles.

Workers have been trying to chemically dissolve the oil before it reaches the shore though there’s still a great danger that the spill could soon hit land:

"The spill is in the middle of the river and the wind is carrying it in the direction of southern Buenos Aires. We hope it doesn't get there," the official told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"There's less impact as long as the spill stays on the river, but if the fuel reaches land, the harm is greater," the source said, adding that officials were working to dissolve the fuel oil into the water.

Sources- BBC News, UPI, Reuters UK

Image- The China Post (“Greek merchant ship ‘Syros’ leaks fuel after colliding with Maltese vessel ‘Sea Bird’ 20 km (12 miles) off the Uruguayan coast Wednesday.(Reuters)”)

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