Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hillary May Thank Puerto Rico, But Is Puerto Rico Thanking Her?

Last night I counted Hillary Clinton mention Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rican vote a few times. She wants votes to count, including the primary voters on the isla del encanto who chose her over Barack Obama 2-1. Thanking Puerto Rican primary voters is one thing, acknowledging their tough political situation is another. After all, Puerto Ricans voted in the primary last weekend(even though record low turnout was reported), they cannot legally have any say (vote) as to who will be the president of the U.S. in November.
Not reported widely in the aftermath of the Clinton Puerto Rico win was the thousands of people who marched in Old San Juan against, not one candidate or another, but rather, against a system, that uses Puerto Rican votes when it is convenient, dismisses them the rest of the time.

Thousands of Puerto Ricans flooded the streets of San
Juan to demand their right to independence, repudiating the US Democratic
Party primary elections held in this “freely associated state” won on Sunday
by Hillary Clinton. Her rival, Barack Obama, still remains posed to win the
party’s nomination for the November general elections.
“We tell Ms. Clinton and Mr. Obama that the poverty here is due to the
exploitation of our country, where more than 50 percent of the population
lives in poverty” after more than a century of US occupation. “This is a
colony and where there is a colony there is no democracy. Until we obtain
our national independence there won’t be democracy in Puerto Rico,” said
Edwin Irizarry, a leader in Puerto Rico's pro-independence party (PIP)

Source : Granma
Image Source : Reuters

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