Monday, June 2, 2008

Mexico: Indigenous needs unmet by gov't

Indigenous people in Mexico are not receiving the proper help from the government according to the head of the Senate’s indigenous affairs commission. Andrés Galván Rivas- from the officialist PAN- criticized the government for failing to properly match public policy with the needs of indigenous peoples. Still, the legislator praised the government for making inroads in dealing with the indigenous community.

Yet it appears as if government programs recently created to help the indigenous community have failed to do so. One local indigenous leader showed his dissatisfaction at the federal “Opportunities” job program:

(Rafael Díaz Bermúdez) indicated that peasants do not choose self-employment or seek work (under the program). Rather, they are tied to their regular subsidy or, even worse, they consume alcohol which explains the high levels of alcoholism in (certain indigenous) areas. - [ed. Personal translation]

Sources (Spanish)- El Universal, Milenio

Image- MSNBC (Indigenous leaders gathered at a conference in Mexico)

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